Close Call on The Highways

Thanks to the defensive driving and quick reflexes of the driver of a passenger bus on the Trans Canada Highway, a likely catastrophic accident was avoided.

Around 3am on Sunday, October 7th, three kilometers east of Revelstoke, the eastbound passenger bus, carrying eight people, was struck on the side by a westbound commercial tractor trailer. Any injuries resulting were minor. The commercial vehicle was travelling in the wrong lane around a corner of undivided highway. Dashcam video released by the Revelstoke RCMP shows the bus driver quickly move onto the shoulder to avoid a head on collision, as the commercial vehicle did not appear to make a move back to the westbound lane.

The commercial tractor trailer driver received a Provincial Motor Vehicle Act violation ticket.

“Considering the recent volume of commercial vehicle incidents in the area, the Revelstoke RCMP and BC RCMP Traffic Services would like to remind all drivers that roadways are constructed for safe driving at the posted speed limit. Driving to road conditions means travelling at a rate which ensures the ability to safely maintain your lane and stay on the road. All drivers are encouraged to slow down: drive the speed limit, (advisory or variable speed limits), and do their part to ensure that everyone gets to their destination safely,” stated Sgt Kurt Grabinsky of the Revelstoke RCMP.

It was only one week ago that the Revelstoke RCMP issued a press release stating their concerns over speeding and the increase in highway accidents. At that time, there had been 30 since September 1st, with only one due to poor conditions.

Kudos to the bus driver, whose quick wit likely saved the lives of his passengers

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