Comedian Alex MacKenzie to perform Saturday at RPAC in Food Bank Fundraiser

Meet Alex Mackenzie, he is doing something that most people only ever dream of doing. He just made a major life choice to put his passion ahead of his comfort. Mackenzie worked at a pulp mill in Prince George, B.C., for the past 12 years. In that time, he became a power engineer and an industrial instrumentation mechanic, but that is all in the past.

Alex decided to step away from the regular working life and start chasing his dreams. “I quit my six-figure-a-year job, sold my house and all of my possessions, bought an RV for my dog Finley and I and began touring the country, to chase my dream of becoming a professional stand-up comedian!” Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie has always loved comedians’ abilities to convey some of the most powerful messages, even if they were about some of the touchiest subjects. “I think humour is that best way to deliver a message to people,” Mackenzie said. “If you are unhappy about the way something is being done, if you come at it with anger, people tend to distance themselves from your message. However, if you can point out how silly the thing we are doing is, people are a lot more receptive to the message.”

“It is like the old Mary Poppins saying, ‘A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.’ The medicine is the message and the sugar is the comedy,” Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie created what he is calling An Experiment Called Life. “I believe life is an experiment and the solution I am looking for is my happiness,” Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie has set out to spread laughter and his message to people across the entire country, there is no city too big or too small! Mackenzie hopes to inspire people to chase their dreams. He says “If anyone anywhere quits their job because of something I said, please let me know!”

Alex Mackenzie has been featured on CBC Radio and has a CBC National News article written about him. You can find out more about Alex Mackenzie at

Comedian Simon King, who has been seen on HBO’s Just For Laughs and CTV’s Comedy Network will also be performing a stand up comedy routine.

Mackenzie will be in Revelstoke October.5th performing at the Performing Art Centre at 8:30pm, tickets are available at the door or online at for $30. The Hungry for Laughs Comedy Tour is sponsored by Save on Foods, partial proceeds go to the Community Connection Revelstoke Food Bank and one food item will be donated for every ticket sold! Don’t miss your chance to get to see this passionate, inspirational and more than anything hilarious human!

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