Avalanche Canada Open Office This Saturday

Do you plan on heading into the backcountry this winter? If so, don’t miss to Avalanche Canada’s open office session at 1596 Illecillewaet Road, Saturday, 27 October 2018, from 2 – 4 pm.

“We will have two avalanche forecasters here,” says Mary Clayton, Avalanche Canada’s Communication Coordinator. “They will be talking about what they do and how they analyze the data the receive to make their forecasts.”

The session is suitable for all ages, however Clayton is hoping to target people who are fairly new to the area or off piste adventure. “Ideally we are meeting people new to town interested in sledding or going out of bounds at the resort who want to make sure they are doing it right,” says Clayton. “Last year, a lot of people came and enjoyed it, which told us we needed to do it again.”

The Taco truck will be on hand if people get hungry, and if you notice the parking lot is covered in flower pots, don’t be concerned.

“There will be a transceiver search taking place,” says Clayton. “We don’t have snow, but the transceivers will be under the pots. It’s an old technique, tried and true.”

Come out and discover what Avalanche Canada is all about.

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