Commercial Vehicle Traffic Check Stop Event In Revelstoke Highway Corridor Today

*Media release by RCMP Staff-Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky

 A partnership between the Trans Canada East Traffic Services, Integrated Road
Safety Unit, RCMP Roving Traffic Unit, CVSE, and Revelstoke General Duty Detachment is resulting in a large volume commercial vehicle and operator check for compliance in Revelstoke.

On Tuesday November 20th multiple units of the RCMP, which operate in the area of the Trans-Canada Highway in the Revelstoke corridor, will be effecting a commercial traffic blitz to provide education and ensure compliance in commercial vehicle operation. Log books, driver qualifications, sobriety, insurance, registration, condition of vehicles, tires, brakes, and lighting will all be examined to determine compliance.

The RCMP will be emphasising the requirement that all commercial vehicles on the TCH, Highway Number 1 must have chains from October 1 to April 30. All vehicles travelling on numbered highways in BC must be properly equipped with winter tires.

Traditionally when these events occur a large number of vehicles are removed from the road with the goal of ensuring the safety of all motorists.

Police always seek the assistance of the public to report any suspicious occurrences or infractions they observe. Please contact the Revelstoke RCMP when necessary at 250.837.5255 or 911 to report erratic driving

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