The Grizzlies and Black Bears are Back

Revelstoke Bear Aware is informing the public about the numerous bear sightings across the community in the past few days.

Two grizzly bears have been spotted down by the Illecillewaet River, Greenbelt Trails and near the horse stables. This is natural habitat for them. Please give them plenty of space as they are there to feed on berries and drink water. Dogs should be kept on leash when walking so they do not startle the grizzly bears as you do not want a bear running after your dog towards you. 

The Conservation Officer is aware of the grizzlies and the potential for relocation is being considered.

Black bears have been spotted in the following locations:

– Southside: Oscar Street, Downie Street, near the Ambulance, Humbert Street
– Columbia Park: Viers Cres, Corbin Place, Pearks Drive
– Downtown: 3rd Street, Wilson Street, Douglas Street, and near the Big Eddy bridge.
– Selkirk Saddle Club

Bear Aware is urging people to keep garbage secured indoors so that these bears do not become habituated, aggressive garbage bears.  If you have any questions about what to do please call Bear Aware at: 250-837-8624

Image by Anna Fin

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