Cops and Firefighters Battle it Out in Close Game

UPDATE Feb. 25 2019

The Cops vs Fire Rescue charity hockey game surpassed expectations by raising a whopping $2,060 on friday night! Well done everyone!

Feb. 23 2019 – Last night the Revelstoke RCMP took on the Revelstoke Fire Rescue in the Emergency Services annual hockey charity game. After an even game, the RCMP scored the winning goal in the third period, taking the trophy for the third consecutive year 12-11.

The game opened with Stacie Byrne singing the national anthem to an enthusiastic crowd.

Firefighter Matt Robinson had previously said the team would get a little rough to create some chances. Staff Sergeant Kurt Grabinsky had replied that the RCMP were willing to do what was needed to win. Despite the good natured chirping, it was a clean game with very few penalties. The RCMP pulled off a short handed goal, and players from both teams were in good spirits.

The crowd was, one regular attendee noted, the largest yet, with many patrons enjoying the beer garden. All proceeds of the game go to charity.

Congratulations to both teams and thank you for the great game.

Photographs by Kert Broza

Stacie Byrne gets things started with the National Anthem

The Fire Rescue bench ready to play.

Spirits were competitive but goodnatured throughout the game.

The Revelstoke RCMP take the trophy three years in a row.


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