Dose Coffee Feels the Love

Revelstoke’s own Dose Coffee has been feeling the love. With a mention in Vogue Magazine and a loyal local clientele, the coffee shop has come a long way in a short period of time.

“It feels amazing. We’re trying to display humility more than anything. It’s nice to be recognized for all of the effort we are putting into everything. Our chefs are taking it to the next level,” says co-owner John Pierce.

So what is the secret? What is it about Dose that draws you in again and again? From the dinosaurs keeping you company while you drink the amazing beverages (golden chai with oat milk is my personal favourite) Revelstoke is here for the atmosphere and quality.

“We just want people to have the best experience possible,” says Pierce. “I think one of the things that draw people in is that a lot of the community helped us build this space. I mean that in the sense that we didn’t have any money, but we did have dreams and aspirations and friends, and they all came together to help us piece it together.”

That, Pierce feels, creates a sense of belonging.

“Lauren and I also wanted to create an atmosphere that was welcoming as if it were in your own living room, so everyone felt welcome. We don’t want anyone to feel unwelcome,” says Pierce.

Humanity, Pierce tells me, is both his biggest inspiration and his biggest let down. In the hopes of creating inspiration, he and his staff are dedicated to treating every costumer with respect and kindness.

“Everyone is equal here,” he says.

When a writer from Vogue or a well known blog comes through, the staff have no idea. So that cornerstone of treating everyone who comes through the door with love and respect, has clearly paid off.

And if you’re ever in Dose Coffee and feeling on the low side, pause and look under your table. Several have positive notes underneath; reminders that there is beauty out there.

“Sometimes a little note can help keep you in a positive mental state and keep you pushing through,” says Pierce. “We wrote them because there were days in here, when we were trying to get it going, that I looked around and cried. Moments where it felt like too big of a mountain to climb or when there was so much uncertainty around visas and residency. Those notes were a way of coping and pushing through to the next barrier or getting to the next stepping stone.”

Co owner Lauren Webster and John find out this spring if their permanent residency is accepted. Fingers crossed that these two stay a part of the Revelstoke landscape for a long time to come.


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