Emo’s Restaurant Celebrating 21 Years of Ownership

It’s a local family restaurant staple that has been offering casual dinning since long before the ski hill was featured in the pages of Vogue, and today, Emo’s Restaurant is celebrating 21 years of ownership by the Sparato family.

The restaurant was originally owned by Emo Joakimids, which is where the name came from. Emo sold it to two brothers; Brad and Sheldon Magnus, who in turn sold it to the Spataro’s March 1st, 1998. Nowadays, Mass Spataro is the acting General Manager while Paola is the Front of House Manager and Serge is the Kitchen Manager.

Mass, Paola and Serge are all siblings, which makes working and owning together both a pleasure and a pain.

“We fight,” Mass laughs. “Mostly me and my sister. But we’re family, we love each other, so we argue and move on.”

‘Locals first’ has long been the Emo’s motto, and Mass believes it will always hold true. “We do our best to take care of the locals. They are who take you through the slow times and who carried us before the resort. We always say that if you take care of the locals the tourists will follow, because tourists want to go where locals go.”

The restaurant has customers who come to eat daily, and the staff knows what they like and don’t like. “We have a customer, Mr. Taylor, and when the ladies ring in his order they will write ‘Taylor salad’ because the cooks know how he likes it. We really appreciate our regulars,” says Mass. “We never take them for granted.”

Good sized portions and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere have always been a key aspect of the restaurant. “If people are going to spend their hard earned money, we would rather they get too much food rather than not enough,” says Mass.

Families are welcome and Emo’s boasts a popular children’s menu. “Let’s be honest, kids tell their parents where they are going for dinner,” laughs Mass.

Pop on down to Emo’s for lunch or for some of their every popular fries today and you’ll be lucky enough to get a sweet treat in celebration. Congratulations Emo’s on 21 years, here’s to many more!


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