Polar Bear Swim

Polar Bear Swim in Revelstoke

A group of twelve hardy Revelstokians headed down to the river by the Big Eddy Bridge on January 1st for a Polar Bear Dip.

Participants were encouraged to bring a towel, mat, hot drink, toque, and warm clothing.

Those ready to welcome the new year with a bracing dip arrived at 2:40 pm and ran (or tip toed) into the water, which was a chilly 5 degrees, at 3 pm.

The event was not sanctioned, with those participating doing so at their own risk. Dippers were encouraged to avoid the deep water and currents, instead submerging themselves close to the shore. The family friendly affair had plenty of hot chocolate around, but no booze, smokes or dogs were allowed. There is a group of dedicated cold water dippers in Revelstoke, and they encouraged participants to stay in the water a maximum of fifteen minutes, as body heat is lost twenty five times faster in water than in air.

* Pictures by Giles Shearing

Pre Polar Swim

Polar Bear Swim

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