Fire Breaks Out at 8 Mile

A grass fire has broken out south of town on Airport Way by 8 Mile.

The fire has spread beyond the flats and into the brush and is currently threatening one home, with two others nearby.

The weather is blustery and the daylight is fading. Emergency services are at the scene. The RCMP and Forestry Services are not currently able to comment.

The fire is outside of the city limits, with only the water pump truck able to be utilized for structural fire protection. It is not currently known what fire protection measures the Revelstoke Fire Department will offer if needed.

The fire falls into the  Ministry of Forestry zone. The timing is less than ideal, with the impending night meaning water bombers or bucketing water by helicopter is not an option.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown.


Flats at 8 mile. The photo does not capture the creeping fire line

Revelstoke RCMP stopping people from heading into the area


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