From Dog Tags to Renting with Pets – We Answer Your Questions

The Revelstoke Current has had two pet related questions this week; if a city dog tag is really necessary, and whether landlords can refuse rental if you have a pet.

Municipal laws in BC require all dogs to have a license, renewed annually. They are also required to be on leash expect in designated areas and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet.

The City of Revelstoke requires dogs that lives within City Limits must be registered and have a Dog Tag.

Licensing your dog with the City also helps ensure their return if lost dog faster. Please complete the Dog License Application.

Because Revelstoke has a dearth of rentals, it can be hard to find a place that allows pets. The Revelstoke Current had an inquiry regarding landlords specifying ‘no pets’ when renting and if landlords have the right to refuse rental due to a to a prospective tenants pets.

The answer to this is yes, landlords have the right to prohibit pets. They can also restrict the size and number of pets and implement ‘reasonable’ pet related rules. They have the right to charge up to one half of a months rent as a pet damage deposit. Details can be found here.

On a side note for those of you with kids, landlords can not refuse rent because of children, whatever their age (except in a designated seniors building.) This is considered discrimination and the BC Human Rights Code prohibits it. Landlords can, however, limit the amount of occupants in a rental. More can be found out here.

*Photo of Revelstoke dog Thor by Tamsin Both


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