Lives Depend on Your Actions – News from the Selkirk Medical Group

The front line health workers in Revelstoke are pleading with the public to take social distancing seriously for the sake of the community as a whole.

“We are working flat out,” their post says. “This crisis is unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetime.”

Their post urges the public to quit socializing and to follow the City and Provinces directives.

“No dinner parties. No house parties. No children’s playdates. No carpooling.”

The doctors of the community are encouraging friends to meet up online and have coffee. It notes social distancing applies at grocery stores and encourages people to wash their hands and disinfect points of entry to public facilities.

Young people, it notes, need to step up and appreciate the severe consequences of ignoring social distancing. They can still get seriously ill, infect health care workers needed on the front line, overwhelm medical resources and, worst of all, infect someone whose body is not able to fight off the virus.

“The time is now,” it reads. “We cannot wait one more hour or one more day. Join us. Help us.”

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