Have You Shifted Your Vehicle Into Winter?

In a press release from the Government of BC, drivers are reminded to keep themselves and others on the road safe by preparing for winter conditions.

The release notes that fatal crashes double from October to December. Winter tires (mountain/flowflake or M + S with minimum 3.5 millimeter tread depth, commercial vehicles required to carry chains) have been required for all vehicles since October 1. Studded tires are a worthwhile investment in Revelstoke, and there are several excellent garages to swap your tires (and service your ride, if necessary). If you haven’t already, make an appointment to get your winter tires on.

Road closures happen frequently in heavy snowfall areas, so drivers are urged to be prepared with a survival/first aid kit, shovel, spare water, snacks, and warm jackets when travelling.

Winter tires can stay on a vehicle until April 30 in places with mountain and rural highway travel. 

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