Local Denny’s Makes Big Donation to the Community Connections Food Bank

Today, Nov 30 2018, Denny’s Revelstoke handed a cheque worth $4,004 to the Community Connections Food Bank.

The third annual ‘Full Tummy Campaign’, a month long national event with over 60 Denny’s locations taking part, came to a close this fall. Money raised from each location goes to their local food bank.

Revelstoke’s Denny’s placed first in both national and individual fundraising sales. Local employee Carmen Klein raised over $1,000 of the donation herself. “Carmen did amazing,” says manager Jigar Patel. “And only one other location raised as much as we did, and they are a much larger centre.”

Why was Revelstoke’s fundraiser so successful? Two different reasons. Firstly, staff were motivated to give back to the community. Patel and his team decided to create their own initiative to encourage that motivation. “The team was really ready to make a difference in the community,” says Patel. “So, just at this location, we wanted to reward the first, second and third top sellers for the fundraiser. We have a trophy and $200 for first place, $150 for second, and $25 for third.”

Carmen Klein won the first prize and Anastasia Wallace came second.

The second reason the fundraiser was so successful has to do with the staff’s happiness at work, which Patel believes was reflected in their sales. Many employees have worked at Denny’s for several years. They spoke of the positive work environment, tips, work life balance and medical coverage as to why they stay.

Patel says fostering a good environment is important and that it doesn’t take much to ensure staff feel valued. “If anyone needs help, everyone comes and supports them If someone is sick, people help with their shifts,” says Patel. “We try and make it fun so it isn’t too much like work. I’m happy that people stay.”

Community Connections Food Bank Program Director Patti Larson was on hand, along with Mayor Sulz, to accept the cheque from Patel and other staff.

“We are very grateful and appreciative of the generous support from Jigar and the amazing staff of Denny’s! We are truly fortunate to live in this kind and caring community,” says Larson.

Congratulations to everyone at Revelstoke Denny’s for their fundraising achievement and community support.

Denny’s employees, including national top seller Carmen Klein and second place Revelstoke seller Anastasia Wallace, with Mayor Sulz and Patti Larson.

Revelstoke Denny’s staff, including manager Jigar Patel and Mayor Sulz, presenting the cheque to food bank representative Patti Larson.

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