Williamson Lake Campground Mini Golf Getting Revamped

The old mini golf course, a long time staple at Williamson Lake Campground, is getting a facelift. Today, employees were hard at work laying green turf and painting as they prep the course for its new look.

Alicia Jackson and Michael Shellnutt, who were awarded the current contract to run Williamson Lake Campground,  decided the course needed to be freshened up. “It’s the only putt putt in town and it needed to get some TLC,” explains Jackson.

Jackson and Shellnut started to approach local businesses about sponsoring the project. GM Salmon Arm and Revelstoke Flooring are involved, and Jackson and Shellnutt are hoping to spread the word about the project among more local businesses.

Ideally, Shellnut notes, businesses would be interested in sponsoring an obstacle on the mini golf course.

The two are excited to be involved at Williamson Lake Campground.

“We were super stoked. We both worked BC Parks in Revelstoke for six plus years, so it was just a good transition. We 100% have a vision of what we want to bring to the campground,” says Shellnutt.

In addition to the spruced up mini golf, Jackson and Shellnutt are working with a local restaurant, The Village Idiot, to put on a concession for July and August at the lake.

Any businesses interested in learning more about the mini golf rejuvenation and sponsorship project can email Jackson or Shellnut at cedarspruceconsulting@gmail.com.

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