Local Haunted Carport ready for Halloween

Every Halloween for the past few years, people drive from around Revelstoke to Susan Kincaid’s home to explore her haunted carport. It’s become a community event, where kids and adults can get a scare and some candy.

“I like halloween,” says Kincaid. “I started decorating when the kids were little, just a bit, and it’s grown every year. This year is the biggest it has ever been.”

The carport boasts spooky lighting, blow up figures, decor and volunteer actors; Kincaid gets a kick out of providing a fun scare to halloween revelers. “Halloween is my thing,” she says. “You’re lucky if I get a Christmas tree up, but I really like Halloween.”

Kincaid’s carport is suitable for all ages. Any actors in the carport target teens and adults, ensuring that while kids might get startled, no one gets traumatized. In fact, if the littles show and are too afraid to partake, Kincaid gives them candy anyhow. “They show up, they get candy,” she says.

Last halloween, Kincaid lost track of counting at 200 kids. Plenty of adults show as well, often without children in tow.

Prior to hosting the haunted carport, very few trick or treaters visited Kincaid’s home. “Just the orientation of the home means that most kids don’t come to the door” she says. Her carport was inspired by an incident that took place several years ago when Kincaid’s dressed up friend inadvertently terrified a couple of teens who mistook him for a statue/decoration. They ran screaming down the alley. “I knew I needed to make it bigger after that,” Kincaid laughs.

Nowadays, people are asking Kincaid if her carport is ready to go. “I have no way of securing it, so it’s set up the day of,” she says.

Kincaid’s haunted yard and carport are available to explore at 1106 Douglas Street from 4-9 pm. “It’s a school night,” she says. “So nine is late enough.”

Come and be a little bit scared, and still have fun!

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