Mountain Meals Pumpkin Carving 2018

Customers who stopped in at Mountain Meals last week likely noticed the unofficial invite to bring the family to the third annual pumpkin carving session this past weekend.

Twenty four pumpkins were on hand with two friendly volunteers cutting the lids off in anticipation of little hands pulling out the insides. Everything from classic faces to wolf silhouettes were created.

“I love doing the family pumpkin carving session because it is the one celebration I really can have people into Mountain Meals for,” says owner Kendra Powell. The inside of Mountain Meals is too small for Christmas parties, but there is a long island that spans the length of the kitchen. It is the perfect place for pumpkin carving.

While many pumpkins went home with their carvers, the rest are nestled around the cafe. If you’re downtown, pop into Mountain Meals and check them out.

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