New Exhibit at the Revelstoke Train Museum


The Hudson Train Model took one year and hundreds of hours of work for Lower Mainland resident John Maier to complete the 1/20 scale model of the forty-five Hudson 2800 series.

“For us old-timers steam locomotion will always represent the true and exciting railroad experience,” says Maier, who finished the model in 2002 and donated the artifact to the museum in 2019.

The forty-five Hudson 2800 series was developed by the CPR and built in Montreal between November 1937 to June 1940. These locomotives were considered semi-streamlined. Notably, it was Hudson 2850 that had the honour of pulling the royal train across Canada during King George and Queen Elizabeth’s visit in 1939. This locomotive did so from start to finish, where normally it would require numerous engine changes. The King was thoroughly impressed with the trip and authorized the the renaming of the last five in production to the ‘The Royal Hudson’. These locomotives featured the royal crown insignia on the running board.

This model is constructed of steel, wood, plastic, aluminum & brass, and for authentic steam sound, Maier used a Phoenix sound system that is coordinated and synchronized with engine movement. The electric motor and final drive mechanisms are a modified 12-volt automobile window winder. The power supply is a modified 110-volt transformer which provides controllable DC voltage up to 20 volts through the rails.

Thank you to James Walford and Ed Palasz for building the display shelf to showcase this impressive artifact.

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