New Fair Trade Store Opens in Revelstoke

The unused storefront next to Mountain Meals has reopened. With little fanfare, Joanne Klassen brought her unique clothing and jewellery boutique, 3 Little Birds, to Revelstoke.

Klassen, who hails from Kaslo, has been coming to Revelstoke for years. While she loves Kaslo, is doesn’t offer the population to a support a store with Klassen’s offerings.

“I’ve been coming to Revelstoke all my life, and I knew if I was ever going to open a store it would be here,” she explains. “I’m so happy to be here.”

A lifelong traveler keen to see the world, Klassen’s goods come from Nepal, India and Thailand. “My first trip to Nepal and India was about twenty years ago,” Klassen says. “That was when this first started. I couldn’t say no to all the lovely people selling their handicrafts, and I thought, I could probably sell some of that stuff. Eventually it evolved into my real job.”

It has been her real job for the past fifteen years. Between trips and prior to opening her store, Klassen attended markets and festivals throughout the interior.

Klassen mostly supports small family businesses, though she does work with bigger fair trade organizations as well.

Klassen says the small businesses and crafters set the price. “That’s the one-on-one fair trade, the original way,” she says. “The clothing is all made from natural breathable fibers like cotton and rayon. Rayon is made from bamboo and other natural wood fibers so it breathes well and washes well. You don’t want to put it in the dryer though.”

From light and airy dresses and pants in traditional Thai and Bali styles suitable for hot summers or yoga, to sports bras, tanks and an adorable range of children’s clothing, 3 Little Birds offers a wide variety of clothing. There is also a selection of wall hangings and sterling silver jewellery.

“The jewellery is made from all over. The pieces with the stones are typically from Nepal and India. The straight up silver and shell options are usually from Bali and Thailand,” Klassen says. She points to some large silver rings. “These are from a hill tribe in northern Thailand. They are all hand made in the villages. The craftspeople do amazing work with the most rustic studio.”

If you’re looking for a taste of something out of the ordinary and ethically sourced, head on down to 3 Little Birds.

3 Little Birds

Some clothing at 3 Little Birds

Some women’s tanks at 3 little birds.

A selection of sport bras

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