Obituary Notice – Toni Johnston

Toni Johnston
May 29,1937- Sept 30, 2020

Our mom passed away last week in Toronto Ontario at the age of 83. Mother to Jennifer and Chris Johnston. Friend to all. Our mom loved her dear town of Revelstoke B.C.

A poem for her:

Toni’s Moon
This is Toni’s rain
Pouring down on spruce and cedar
Coating their verdant needles
And filtering through their branches
On to the forest floor

This is Toni’s Green belt
Lush with the growth of these summer rains
Flooded through the cottonwood stands
That hold the river bank in place

This is Toni’s sun
Warming the earth and energizing the soul
Waking the growth that lay dormant

This is Toni’s air
Clear and clean
One breath at a time
Filling the lungs and body and mind
Exhaling love and kindness and imagination

This is Toni’s moon
Rising up over the Selkirk
Arcing up over the great river
And setting into the Monashees
Shining through the prayer flags on our porch
Lighting the dark and illuminating our hearts.

By John Townley

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