Okanagan Regional Library Developed Diversability Resources to Help Parents and Kids

Press Release

Are you a parent or care giver of a child or teen with a diversability or disability?  In your professional job, such as CEA, counsellor, etc. do you help families with members who have additional needs?  If you do, we have some exciting news for you!

The Okanagan Regional Library is pleased to announce that we have created some very useful Diversability (Disability) booklists for children and teens, as well as a Service Provider list for families.  Through her work as Kelowna Community Liaison for the Learning Disability Association of British Columbia and Community Living B.C. Board member, Linda Youmans, Youth Collections/System Librarian worked hard to fill a need she saw in the community.  As a parent of a young adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Linda is very familiar with the challenges to overcome and the services available.  In addition, input was given by library branch staff, professionals and parents in creating the lists throughout our region.

Both booklists cover topics such as anxiety/worry, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Blind or Partially Sighted, etc.  Linda Youmans indicates “Many parents, when their child is newly diagnosed with a diversability, need to learn about it so that they can help their child/teen.  These books will assist the whole family, including siblings.” The booklists contain information books as well as fiction books, which often have the hero in the story having a diversability.

Having experience with using great services in the community to help her son, Linda has put together a list of service providers in the areas she thought parents and professionals would find useful.  Some of the topics covered are behavior intervention, counselling, employment assistance, family support, recreational programs, tutoring, etc.  It is just a starting point for families.  The three lists have been distributed electronically to all 8 school districts that the ORL serves, all 29 library branches, and all libraries in B.C. and to all 60 service providers.  Half page handouts with the links to the lists are available in all of our library branches. All lists can be found, linked to our online catalogue, on our website www.orl.bc.ca  in the “Featured Services – Services for patrons with Diversabilities” section.  So don’t delay, drop down to your local library today!

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