Opinion – Stellar Chair is just what RMR needed

It’s a fixed grip quad chair that moseys up the slope, making me nostalgic for my own childhood ski days. Protected from the wind that blasts the Stoke chair and a short enough ride to ensure your toes don’t get cold, the Stellar Chair made its Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) debut opening day 2019.

It opens up terrain for a portion of the population that was previously uncatered to. With blue and green runs, it is the perfect segue between the more challenging runs accessed by the Stoke and Ripper chair, with shorter runs than the gondola.

What’s more, at this time of year, when the gondola runs are not yet rideable, it offers freedom and ski terrain to those whose skills are above the magic carpet but below the rest of the hill.

On those days when Revelstoke is socked in the clouds, green skiers can get into the sunshine on the Stellar Chair.

Which means, for my family, it fills a nice niche. While the Magic Carpet and Little Bit Magic Carpet are vital pieces for beginners and the smallest of children, they are quickly outgrown. The green cat track (The Last Spike) that snakes its way down the hill often lacks the width for beginner turns, especially when it is being used as a quick travel connector by other skiers/boarders. Of course, in years prior, my eldest skied this route, and at ten he (like many of his friends) is hiking into the North Bowl.

The runs that come off the Stellar Chair are wide with varying mellow pitches allowing you to play with turns and work on the progression from ‘pizza’ to ‘french fries’ with ease. As a parent, it felt much safer than the Last Spike, where we’ve had days with so many people trying to pass us, I had to pick up the kiddo and carry them. It was also far more enjoyable – the variety, sun, view, and ease of access was lovely.

The location of the chair allows to access to the Ripper Chair, but also, following the green run Big Bend takes you back to the top of the gondola where you can head back down the mountain or snag a snack and hot chocolate.

For my youngest, it meant a thrilling day of riding the gondola and skiing some interesting terrain with his family. For my eldest, who is coming off a broken leg, it meant getting back into the swing of things without overdoing it and re-injuring himself.

The verdict? The Stellar Chair is a welcome addition to RMR. If you have yet to check it out, give it a ride.

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