The Armchair Mayor

The Armchair Mayor Is Back Again – Peter Humphreys Reflects on David, The Current and Elections

As we begin another election campaign, I think back four years when a group of us met to discuss election strategy. The group was loosely called ‘Focus Revelstoke’ and the intent was to find and encourage like minded individuals to run for Town Council. Although most people denied participation in the group, David Rooney was an active member and never hid his political involvement. Both personally and in the Current, David freely expressed his partisan views. He regularly admonished those that commented on the Current that he should be politically impartial. During one such exchange he boasted, “It is my sandbox and I will do as I please.”

It is with that thought in mind, I welcome the Current back from its brief hiatus. I am thrilled that Imogen jumped in to start it up again and preserve the archives. Shaun Aquiline did an excellent job during his stint as caretaker, and I hope he comes back to continue writing the human interest stories that he is so good at.

Although we had other local media sources in the Current’s absence, they lacked the tenacity that only an independent, unbridled publication can have.

As I endeavor to prepare for the possible transition from the ArmChair Mayor to Councillor, I fall back on the advice David gave me those many years ago. “You need to comment and make your voice and opinion heard if you want to be elected.” For those that have been in my cross hairs, or those that will be, you can blame David for letting the genie out of the bottle.

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