Revelstoke Couple Behind Arrowhead Camp Co Want to Help You Get Camping

When Angela and Lance Schultz started Arrowhead Camp Co, it was to both fill a niche not offered locally, and a throwback to their own past.

Lance and Angela have been in Revelstoke a decade, but prior to that, they called Squamish home. It was there the couple got into the camping businesses. With a small fleet of trailers, the Schultzs’ helped local and out of town visitors experience camping in the lower mainland.

“We love camping,” says Lance. “We were married at a campground. It’s an amazing way to spend time with your loved ones and not be distracted.”

Angela and Lance

“The Revelstoke area is beautiful,” Angela notes. “We live in one of the most scenic places in the world. It’s nice to be able to help facilitate other people experiencing it.”

Arrowhead Camp Co is, Lance explains, a chance for campers to customize their camping experience.

“Some people book the trailer and show up with their own truck to come and take it away,” he says.

“Some people want to arrive at their destination and have the want the camp set up and the campfire ready to go,” Angela points out. “Anyone can rent a trailer, but we want to create an experience.”

Customers run the gamut, from Europeans who book a year in advance to Revelstoke locals curious about weekend availability.

“Some of our clients are locals whose family or friends are coming to town. Instead of staying in a hotel, the trailer can be put in the yard,” says Lance. “For people vacationing from overseas, renting a trailer helps give them a true Canadian camp experience.”

Angela and Lance’s website lets potential clients take a peek at the two trailers available for rental, explains the minimum nights and costs, and offers an online booking calendar. Arrowhead Camp Co currently do not book campsites for clients.

The couple is growing their fleet, and have been talking to friends with newer trailers about the possibility of creating a rental pool, much like condos at the ski resort.

“This is potentially a way for owners to recoup some of their costs, or cover their winter storage costs,” explains Angela. “We’re just working out the insurance protocol, so if anyone is interested, they can get hold of us.”

Angela and Lance have plans for the future. Within a couple of years they hope to have all the extras at the ready for clients; canoes, paddles, stand up paddleboards, bikes and more. The two are looking forward to working with local companies such as Flexpeditions and Wandering Wheels to offer trips booked with adventures at the ready.

That said, not everyone who books a rental is after a camper.

“We are looking into having rooftop tents, backcountry camping tents and equipment for whatever kind of experience the camper is after,” says Lance.

With Arrowhead Camp Co heading into its second summer with strong bookings, new customizations, and a growing fleet, it’s poised to be another successful venture by Revelstoke entrepreneurs.

Angela and Lance

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