Revelstoke Shout Out – Linda Chell

Revelstoke shout of the day goes to Linda Chell.

Chell is the Executive Director of the Revelstoke Child Care Society. You can find her working tirelessly behind the scenes at the non-profit.  She does a lot – including helping parents with accessing information, resource library, and community referrals. Chell and her team organize parenting workshops, support childcare providers, connect parents with childcare providers, and run two clothing exchanges a year. Chell was instrumental in getting Stepping Stones child care into the government prototype program that caps the cost of daycare.

There is no doubt the Chell makes the community a better place. She strives to create somewhere families want to be, and can be.

Amongst all these big things, Chell shows how much she cares about the individual. She knows many kids names, their likes and dislikes.

This shout out is because of that personal connection Chell fosters. My preschooler misplaced his favourite toy. It was a transformer – the only one in the house that had been given to him and not passed down from his older brother. He has lots of other toys, and I was sure the transformer would show up or his affection would fall to a stuffie or paw patrol toy. It didn’t show up and he asked for it every night in tears. Weeks went by. I posted ads on Revysell. I searched friends houses and online toy stores to no avail.

Chell did not find it. But somehow, she sourced another. On her own time, with her own dime, and one day at Leap Land a little boy was reunited with his favourite toy. It hasn’t left his bed since. Chell did not want her picture taken, she isn’t a centre of attention kind of person (though I’m making her one for today.)

So here is a little guy, still hugging his transformer, long after Chell went back to work.

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