Revelstoke team takes the win in Revelstoke’s first ever coed roller derby game

Revelstoke roller derby team, the Derailers, have had men skaters at practice for the last couple of seasons. This season, the team decided to hold a coed scrimmage so these hard skating guys, affectionately known as Whambulance, Core Crusher and Snail Crusher, could have a chance to play the game they practice.

It was the first coed derby game played in Revelstoke, and the Derailers won 196-146. The opposing team was a mix of players who came together from across the province to play.

It was the first game for fresh meat player Alley Cat, who plays hockey in the winter with the Kodiaks. Along with other players, Snail Crusher, Core Crusher and Whambulance jammed regularly for the Dereailers, along with regular jammers The Wheel Deal and Rainbow Skid.

Revelstoke’s strong team laid out some big, clean hits.

In the game of roller derby, the jammer is the point scorer. They wear the star ‘panty’ on their helmet and their objective is to make it through the other players, who form the ‘pack.’ At the first whistle, jammers work to skate through the pack, gaining their ‘initial pass.’ Whichever jammer makes it through the pack first is the ‘lead’ jammer and has the strategic advantage of calling off the jam whenever they want. After the jammer gets their initial pass, every player from the opposing team is a point. A jam can last up to two minutes, and the jammer will try and get through the pack as many times as possible to score as many points as possible.

Meanwhile the four blockers from each team work at both offensive and defensive strategy. There are various tactics used to block the other teams jammer, including full body contact hits. Revelstoke’s team often made use of a three wall (three blockers) and a f*$#r, the fourth blocker who physically messes with the opposing blockers. At the same time, blockers work to aid their own jammer. A pivot is a blocker who wears a striped panty on their head. The jammer can pass them the jammer panty, switching places for the rest of the jam.

Tower of Power and Core Crusher, Hairy Rat and Whambulance, and 3rd Degree Byrne and Snail Crusher

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