Rural Evidence Review by UBC Underway and Eager for Local Participation

The University of British Columbia is hard at work with their Rural Evidence Review (RER), and they want to hear from Revelstoke residents.

The RER project allows researchers from the Centre for Rural Health Research to collaborate with rural communities and their residents in identifying issues to help inform rural health service planning in British Columbia.

“We are interested in helping rural communities to use rigorous evidence to improve local health services,” the RER website states. “To this end, we have created the Rural Evidence Review (RER) project to work in collaboration with rural patients and community key stakeholders to provide evidence to inform local health services. The success of the RER project rests on being able to use international research to pose viable, sustainable solutions to rural health care issues in British Columbia. But, we need the help of patients, providers and community members to know which issues are most important and how different communities might benefit from research on rural health care topics.”

Revelstokians are encouraged to complete an anonymous survey. The website notes that answers will be utilized to help inform topics of research and improvements. It also gives residents a chance to sound off on issues they feel negatively affect them, whether it’s medical transportation or the need for a local midwife.

To take the survey, visit

Or contact the project’s Coordinator, Christine Carthew, to discuss the health service issues and priorities that are most important to rural citizens and communities in B.C. Christine can be reached via email or telephone at 1 (604) 827-2193.


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