Southern Caribou Herds to be Relocated to Revelstoke Rearing Pen

The CBC News is reporting that the caribou rearing pen north of Revelstoke is about to have six new caribou inhabitants.

The relocation is a final attempt to save two southerly herds located near Nelson and Kimberley BC. CBC reports that there are only six caribou between the herds; the first has only two cows, the second has three bulls and a cow. Herds of such small size are not sustainable.

By relocating the animals to the Revelstoke pen, they will effectively stop roaming into the United States, where they are currently the last of the caribou to do so. American attempts to increase and protect the herds have been unsuccessful.

The CBC notes that Mike Lithgow, a representative from the Kalispel Tribe in Washington, believes the move to be better than losing the caribou entirely.

After relocation, the caribou will likely be bred in captivity in the hopes or restocking the southern herds.

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