Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse is Coming

The upcoming lunar eclipse will be visible from Revelstoke, weather permitting, on January 20th. The eclipse will begin at 7:41 pm and end by 8:43 pm.

This eclipse is rocking a rather unusual name, but there is a reason for it. A supermoon, technically known as a perigee moon, occurs when the moon is at its closest point to earth in its elliptical orbit, making it appear larger and brighter.

The red colour is the result of sunlight refracting around the earth to the moon. Red and orange lights have longer wavelengths, and are sometimes able to reach the moon.

Finally, the ‘wolf’ is actually the name of the full moon; full moons are always given a name. Originally named by the Algonquin tribes, they were adopted in the Old Farmer’s Almanac. January full moons are ‘wolf’ moons.

In Revelstoke, the weather is currently calling for partially cloudy skies, with a low of around -6. Hopefully the clouds part for residents to view the unique celestial event.

The Globe & Mail published some excellent simple tips for shooting the moon from staff photographer John Lehmann.

If you plan on taking photos you’ll need a high-resolution DSLR camera and a telephoto lens like 300mm or longer, he said.

According to Lehmann, you don’t need a tripod. A monopod or just hand holding the camera will work because the Moon itself will be as bright as a cloudy day. Use a shutter speed of 1/60 second or higher or the Moon will streak as it moves across the sky. If you want a crisp-looking image open your lens aperture as wide as possible, employ a low ISO and the highest shutter speed you can manage.

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