Councillor Younker Releases Statement Regarding Proposed Wage Increases

Statement –

First off, I want to thank everybody in the public for engaging and making clear your thoughts on the proposed raise increases.

I am deeply disappointed in some of you however that have personally attacked me and my family both in person and at my place of work. My family should never have been brought into this and moving forward I would ask you please refrain from discussing City business at my main place of work.

In regards to the pay raises, it has never been about putting more money in my pocket. The only reason I ever proposed implementing it over three years was to lower the tax burden.

With that being said, I believe it is important that leaders listen and I have done that.

Our Mayor and other Councillors have asked that we wait until after the official public feedback session to make any changes. I respect them deeply however I feel it is best I make my statement now.

I will NO LONGER be supporting these raises or any raise higher than the already implemented cost of living increase during our term. I do believe our Council should come back to this in our final year and decide on proper remuneration to set for the next council.

However at this time I will not support these raises and encourage my fellow councillors and our Mayor to do the same.

I look forward to continuing my work as a City Councillor as we have lot’s of work to do and many great things coming.

Thank you

Councillor Younker

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