Big White Reveals More Staff Housing – Compare and Contrast with Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Big White Ski Resort is purportedly investing $10 million into their staff housing. The resort is set to build four staff housing buildings, with the first ready to house staff at the start of the season.

When completed, the four buildings will provide 192 staff beds. This is not the resorts first foray into staff housing, they already have 194 beds in 30 different units dedicated to staff. Big White employs close to a 1,000 people each winter season. Revelstoke Mountain Resort, by comparison, employs around 500 people, including hotel and food and beverage workers.

Big White opened in 1963 and grew over the years before upgrading lifts and expanding terrain in the 1990’s and again in 2006. While Revelstoke Mountain Resort has yet to build staff accommodation, the resort is still in its infancy, having opened in 2007.

Revelstoke has been experiencing a housing crisis over the last few years, with rent prices often skyrocketing come winter and housing availability limited. Local residents struggle to find affordable, or even reasonable, accommodation, and often find themselves competing with seasonal workers or travellers.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s updated master plan does indicate a location for staff housing. When asked about plans to build staff accommodation, media relations for Revelstoke Mountain Resort note the importance of staff housing and say while there is currently no definitive answer in regards to timeline, the resort is in the process of addressing the issue. They are excited to release official information regarding their plans in the spring of 2019.



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