Cronometer’s Advice on Staying Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In an effort to empower people to make informed nutrition decisions, Cronometer, the Revelstoke based nutrition and fitness software company, recently uploaded a blog post tackling COVID-19. In it, the company details how the immune system works, and lists the various micro-nutrients they recommend taking in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and why.

“We feel during this challenging time that it is now more important than ever to educate people on achieving a healthy diet,” the post reads. “So, we sat down with our in-house Nutrition Scientist to learn what nutrients help support our immune system amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The vast majority of Cronometer staff live in Revelstoke, and while the office might be closed, the staff are hard at work from their homes.

The company has daily online meetings, and the blog post is a result of that collaboration.

Cronometer has the nutritionists to come up with such a blog; they are one of their greatest resources that have kept the company highly ranked in nutritional accuracy. The idea of putting their nutritional smarts together to come up with tangible way to empower peoples health during the COVID-19 pandemic is a solid choice.


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