CSRD Board Meeting Highlights for Electoral Area B

The February Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) board meeting was extensive. A breakdown of the meeting, sent by the CSRD, show two discussions, both about rezoning, within Revelstoke’s area B. The first is in regards to camping/cabins near Boulder Mountain and the second involves rezoning to allow a backcountry ski lodge. Details of both are below.

Electoral Area B: Electoral Area B Zoning Amendment (Boulder Mountain Resort) Bylaw No. 851-13 3069 Trans Canada Hwy, West Revelstoke

The proposal is to rezone 2.3 ha of Crown land, situated east and adjacent to the existing Boulder Mountain Resort property, from RSC – Rural Resource to HC – Highway Commercial; to permit tenting sites for the camping season. The proposal also includes new tourist cabins on the west side of the Boulder Mountain Resort (BMR) property, ten in the form of park model buildings and three stick built. Two of the proposed stick built cabins are over the permitted floor area for a tourist cabin and a site specific regulation under the HC zone is proposed to allow for a maximum of two 150 m2 tourist cabins on the subject property. The bylaw also proposes to amend the definition of a tourist cabin to include park model as a permitted building type; and amend the HC and RC1 – Resort Commercial 1 zones by removing camping spaces from the additional servicing and lot size density restriction and base this density restriction on tourist cabins alone. The bylaw was amended at second reading to clearly list and outline the correct lettering in Section 5.12 (1), to reflect the addition of lodge and tourist cabin as principal uses. After public consultation and referral to various agencies, the Board gave the zoning amendment third reading and will now be submitted to the Ministry of Transportation for statutory approval and once received, will go back to the Board for adoption. View report.

Electoral Area B: Electoral Area B Zoning Amendment (Revelstoke Backcountry Guides) Bylaw No. 851-14 Unsurveyed Crown land, Twin Butte area, East of Revelstoke

This proposal is to rezone 0.07 hectares of Crown land from RSC – Rural Resource to RC2 – Resort Commercial 2; to permit an intensive use site for a tenured backcountry skiing operation, which will include a backcountry lodge and accessory structures. After public consultation, the Board gave third reading and adopted this bylaw amendment. View report.


Though not with the Electoral Area B, these projects are nearby and interesting. The first is an application to grant write to create a non motorized greenway trail between Sicamous and Armstrong. The second, also grant related, involves a UBCM flood risk assessment within the entire CSRD. The third involves Mustang Powder Lodge Inc. Details of all are below.

Sicamous to Armstrong Rail Trail – Canada Infrastructure Grant Application
The Board approved staff recommendation to submit an application for grant funding through the Investing in Canada
Infrastructure Program – British Columbia – Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure fund to a maximum amount of $13,000,000 to fund 100% of the eligible costs to construct a non-motorized greenway trail along the rail trail corridor between the communities of Sicamous and Armstrong. View report. View press release.

UBCM Flood Risk Assessment, Flood Mapping & Flood Mitigation Planning Grant Application

The Board authorized staff to apply for a Community Emergency Preparedness Fund Grant (Flood Mapping Stream) for up to $150,000 to complete a large-scale screening level risk assessment project to improve flood risk management within the CSRD.  The CSRD will provide in-house contributions to support the project and overall grant management.

The Board also authorized staff to enter into an agreement with BGC Engineering Inc. in an amount not to exceed $150,000 including applicable taxes subject to the receipt of a Community Emergency Preparedness Fund (Flood Mapping Stream) Grant for up to $150,000 View report.

Electoral Area E: Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) Application Section 30(1) – Exclusion LC2560E (Baumgartner) 5459 Trans Canada Highway, Perry River

The subject property is located at 5459 Prosh Frontage Road, in the Perry River area of Electoral Area E. The owner wants to subdivide and sell 2.0 ha of the 19.97 ha subject property to Mustang Powder Lodge Inc. Approximately 89% of the subject property is within the ALR with 2.65 % or 0.53 ha of ALR being within the proposed lot. The owner has applied to exclude the 0.53 ha from the ALR in order to proceed with subdivision. The Board agreed with staff recommendation for approval and will now be forwarded to the ALC for final decision. View report.



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