Had Surgery Recently? UBC Rural Health Research Heads to Revelstoke and Wants to Chat

Anshu Parajulee and her team are headed to Revelstoke for the week of February 18, 2019. Parajulee is the Coordinator of a study evaluating the Rural Surgical and Obstetrical Networks (RSON) program in BC (click here for more information.) Located in the Centre for Rural Health Research at UBC, the Rural Health Research is finding ways to help improve access to safe quality health services for rural BC communities.

While Parajulee and her team are in Revelstoke, they will meet with key RSON stakeholders, including community members.

“We are hoping to facilitate focus groups with patients and their families to hear about their experience with surgical care, either locally or away from their community,” says Parajulee. “We would like to hear from you for a research study on how rural patients experience surgical and maternal care. We ask that you take part in a 60-90 minute focus group with 7-9 others from your community. Your input will help policy makers understand how surgical services can better meet patient needs.”

Participants should be 19 years or older and who have had surgery within the past two years, either locally or outside of their community. Refreshments and snacks will be provided and each participant will receive a $30 Save-On-Foods gift card.

If you are interested in participating or want to learn more about the “Rural Surgical and Obstetrical Networks (RSON) Evaluation Study,” please contact Anshu Parajulee at anshu.parajulee@ubc.ca or 604.822.4587.

The researchers conducting this study are Drs. Jude Kornelsen and Asif Khowaja (University of British Columbia). This study is funded by the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc).

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