Revelstoke Business MWC Forest Waste Management Fills a Small Scale Logging Niche

Meet Rob and Mandy McQuarrie, proud owners of MWC Forest Waste Management (MWC), a family company launched in April 2018.

MWC works closely with the Ministry of Forests, applying for permits to harvest beetle kill and blow down in the forest. “MWC is smaller scale logging company with smaller equipment often in smaller blocks, which makes it more price efficient for us to harvest beetle kill and blow down. It also has less environmental impact and leaves a smaller footprint,” explains Mandy.

In addition to working their own timber blocks, MWC salvages what large logging companies leave behind. “That material isn’t profitable for large scale logging, but it’s usable material and shouldn’t be wasted. It’s timber that otherwise would be put into a burn pile,” she says. 

Prior to starting MWC, Mandy and Rob had long considered opening a business together. “We looked at a lot of different options, but for varying reasons we came back to waste management.”

The McQuarries are a family that spend much of their time together outside. Their extracurriculars include dirt biking, hunting, camping and fishing, all of which are done with their kids. Ultimately, Rob and Mandy wanted a business where there kids could work with them as they grew. The idea of making a positive environmental impact on what comprises a large part of economic landscape of BC was appealing. Additionally, MWC is a business where each of their strengths would be incorporated.

Mandy has a successful, fully booked daycare, Milestones and Memories Childcare, which she has run for the past twelve years. She’s proven herself capable at handling the logistics of running her own business and is confident in the administrative side of things.

Rob has a strong history in the logging industry. His father was a logger, as are both of his brothers. MWC harkens back to his roots; he’s spent plenty of time running equipment, falling, and driving a logging truck. It is Rob and his employees who salvage and transfer the material and work in their small logging yard splitting the wood.

As well as the logging that keeps them busy, the couple have also been offering firewood. It turns out that firewood is a hot commodity.

“We were using salvage, and have gotten to the point where we need to purchase wood as well to keep up with the demand,” Mandy says.

The couple invested in a website,, where customers can access FAQ as well as book their delivery.

“We wanted to offer information to people who don’t know much about having a wood burning fireplace. Maybe there are people coming to town and renting a home, who don’t know how much you need or what kind of wood you should burn, so we offer answers on our website,” she says.

“Booking a delivery is really easy for people. Otherwise, if you don’t have the resources, time or physical ability to get your firewood, then you have to track it down. Here you can just order it.”

Revelstoke has long been a place of entrepreneurs; motivated people finding their niche. Here is wishing every success to the McQuarries and their newest endeavour.

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