Revelstoke Residents Play Social Distancing I Spy

Social distancing or self isolation got you down? A growing group of residents are participating in a feel good operation. It started with a post in the Revelstoke Community Facebook Page encouraging residents to get creative, make hearts and then hang them in their windows.

“I wanted to help parents find things to do with their kids. Going for a walk on the same streets is pretty tough, but if you can build a bit of anticipation for your child before they leave the house, then that’s a huge help,” says teacher Sarah Newton, who posted the idea.

In the past few days, dozens of Revelstokians have jumped on board.

“I have no family just wanted to spread good feelings and happiness in a time like this,” says Angela Black Tirling. “I think it’s important we all stick together. I know people are stressed and children are bored so any bit of happiness goes a long way.”

Since the hearts went up, a series of happy faces have joined them. Every few days, a new art challenge to both make and then hit the streets in search for them is posted. Families and singles are all participating, either creating or enjoying their walks.

“I will be participating in each window display,” says Tirling.

For families practicing social distancing, the idea is offering craft time and adventure time. For singles walking without friends, it breaks up the same roads they’ve walked many times before.

“With everything being closed and no playdates, I thought this would be something fun for kids to look for,” says Miranda Reid, whose four year old daughter is enjoying the activity.

“We have a few houses that have them up on my street, as well as us.”

Anyone and everyone is welcome to jump on board. The only rule? Continue to practice social distancing.

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