Supporting the Humane Society with Cupcakes

It’s national cupcake day, and if you head into the Annex and buy a Pip and Dex cupcake between now and 5:30 pm, the profits will go straight to the Revelstoke and District Humane Society.

The local event came into being when Dayna Leonard, owner of Pip and Dex Custom Cakes and Cupcakery, saw an advertisement for National Cupcake Day. “It was a day where cupcakes were sold with the profits going to help the animals in your community,” she says. “I thought it was a neat idea, and I have a cupcakery, so I figured why not. I didn’t realize it would get so popular. Our first year we sold 350 cupcakes at Big Mountain and Kitchen, last year we sold 668 at the Annex, and this year we anticipate even more.”

It’s 11:30 am and so far Leonard has made 54 dozen cupcakes. As we talk, her oven alarms are ringing and delivery people are packing cupcakes to take them to the Annex. Leonard is still in the thick of it, ready to have enough cupcakes to meet the demand.

At the Annex, owner Diane Bull has already sold 163 cupcakes. Bull estimates that at this rate of sale, they will sell over 700 before the day is done.

Both Leonard and Bull are animal lovers and community oriented individuals. They were happy to collaborate on the event.

“It’s nice to do for the community and for the animals,” says Leonard. “It’s a way I can help, so I do. Every pet I’ve ever had has been a rescue.”

“We’re really happy to do it,” says Bull. “It’s important to give back when you can.”

So head on out into the sunshine and stop in at the Annex to grab yourself a fresh cupcake for a good cause until 5:30 pm.

Some of the cats available for adoption at the Humane Society displayed outside of the Annex.


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